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How can I listen to the Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast?
Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts. Just search for "Hearts of the Dulcimer." Here are a few ideas:

Subscribe and listen to the podcast through Apple Podcasts
Subscribe and listen to the podcast on Android
Listen to the podcast on Google Play
Listen directly on our website: https://dulcimuse.com/podcast

How can I support the Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast?

Our support page has information about how you can help keep the podcast going: donate any amount, either a one-time or a reoccuring donation.
Subscribe and listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts
Write a review or rate our podcast on Apple Podcasts (you'll need an iTunes account)
Share the podcast with your friends, in person and on social media.
Purchase Hearts of the Dulcimer posters and t-shirts.


Where can I buy the DVD?
The Hearts of the Dulcimer DVD is not available at this time.

Can I use the DVD for public screenings?
The DVD is for private home viewing only. The definition of private home viewing means in your own home or room only: not in the context of a group or organizational meeting. For any other kinds of screening you will need a screening agreement from us, regardless of whether you will be charging admission (including schools).

With a public screening license, you can host a free, donation based admissions, or ticketed public screening of the film. But you MUST contact us AND get written permission from us. Community screenings can take place at fundraising events, group gatherings, and ongoing series for nonprofits, theaters, farms, churches, community organizations and more. Support independent filmmaking and contact us for information about screening Hearts of the Dulcimer at your event.


How can I stay in touch with Hearts of the Dulcimer?
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